Coming to the end of a fortnight with a gorgeous granddaughter in Melbourne. We started with a birthday party for her first birthday and today we are going to the beach at Neaumaris, along the coast a bit. The beach is wonderful, soft golden sand and blue sea. A far cry from autumn in Hertfordshire . Have managed to read  lot so watch this space for the next lot of book recommendations Fly home om Friday night via China arriving on Saturday afternoon – curious it took from Tuesday night to Thursday morning to get here. Such is the strange feeling of traveling somewhere with 11 hours time difference.

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Landscape Photography


Just returned from an interesting week in Wales, south Snowdonia to be precise. I had a gig as the cook on a residential photography course. The weather was wall to wall sunshine – yes truly in Wales! The only problem with that was that the photographers like a bit of cloud for drama. Anyway the professional photographer on the course was award winning Claire Carter. ( see here for her website which will inspire you.)

We stayed at an old manor house with an AGA. Fortunately I can cook on an AGA so no worries. I managed to go out with the photographers a few times, including taking pictures of the sky at night.

These are maybe the best pictures I took

IMG_4772 IMG_4799

I loved it, such a beautiful place.



I have recently returned from a most amazing trekking trip in Peru. It is a fascinating country with a very long history, friendly people and stunning scenery. We trekked is a gentle way in several different areas, particularly the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca. I was very anxious about altitude sickness before we left but we ascended slowly so all was well.

IMG_3953 IMG_4157

Yumbilla waterfall, the fifth highest in the world at 895.5 metres on the left, a wonderful hike through virgin rainforest from the village of Cuispes. On the right, mountains in the Cordillera Blanca.

Nick Coffer


Yesterday I went for the last time to the BBC Three Counties Radio Studios in Luton. Next time I go they will have moved to Dunstable. Handily that is a bit nearer home for me which is good. The pictures look great so it will be fun to be in the new studios.

Now to get reading for the next batch of recommended books on July 6th. Summer reading!

The Moth


I had the most brilliant time last night with Anna and George, two of my grown up  children when we went to The Moth in the Union Chapel in Islington. What a brilliant evening! A range of stories, some funny, some scary and all really interesting and well told. The last storyteller was Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans. It was a privilege to hear her. I can commend The Moth to anyone who likes a good story. The principle is they are all true and all take 10 – 12 minutes to tell.

The Union Chapel is a marvellous venue, beautiful and good accoustics.

You can get podcasts of The Moth. You can find out more on

I first came across The Moth as a book which I reviewed here some time ago. This was a collection of some of the stories that had been told at gatherings of The Moth and which transferred well to the printed page. I thought it wonderful and I have always been a fan of live storytelling. The Moth started in America and was really just people gathering on a porch telling each other of their experiences. The Moth name comes from the idea of moths being attracted to the light.

I cannot wait for the next one